Tomas Martinčić



Web and Mobile Computing student at RIT Croatia, currently working part-time at Lloyds Design as Junior Backend developer. I'm working in person and remotely from Zagreb while studying. I'm interested in server programming, robotics, and penetration testing/cybersecurity. We'll just have to see where my future takes me.

Backend developer & Student.

  • Birthday: July 2000
  • Website:
  • Phone: 098 408 217
  • City: Istria, Labin/Zagreb
  • Age: 21
  • Degree: Electrotechnician
  • Email:
  • Freelance: Available

Currently, I'm working with Laravel (PHP framework) and build commercial CMS's, studying Web and Mobile computing at university, playing with my Raspberry Pi web server/IoT controller. Up to today, I have been successful in creating a Web server, web monitoring system which I work on whenever I'm free. Currently, I have lightswitch in my room that can be controlled from the other side of the world, buzzer notifies me whenever some visits the website, different kind of alert for the failed light password, storing all requests to the website, geolocating visitors, reading temperature and soon to add to IoT panel, 99.9% uptime with ddns_update_script a friend wrote, and more coming soon.


I love combining all the skills together in a single useful entity. Electronics which I've studied for a long time go very well with programming I'm currently studying. This is a skill set I'm currently pursuing, technical and practical.

Laravel 85%
Raspberry Pi 70%
Linux 60%
Relational Databases 90%
PHP 80%


Tools and skills I'm working with or familiar with: PHP, Java, Python, Laravel, MySQL, Linux, Github, Gitlab, phpmyadmin, Raspberry pi, Insomnia, XAMPP, composer, JSON, JavaScript, RESTful API, OOP,...


Tomas Martinčić

Curious and ambitious student eager to learn and use new skills wherever he can. A big glass of beer is a place where I can deflate my head after a hard-working day.

  • Labin/Zagreb, Croatia
  • (+385) 098 408 217


Bachelor of Web & Mobile computing

2019 - Present

Rochester Institute of Technology, Zagreb, Croatia

Web and Mobile computing degree preparing us to become general-purpose software engineers and excel in any field we are interested in the future.

  • Peer mentor
  • Electrotechnician

    2015 - 2019

    Srednja Škola Mate Blažina, Labin, Croatia

    My final thesis was solar-powered charging systems, covering collecting solar power, converting it to electrical current, safely storing electrical energy, and connecting basic consumer electronics.

  • Faculty programming classes
  • Professional Experience

    Junior backend developer

    July 2020 - Present

    Lloyds Design, Labin, Croatia

    • Building Content Management System (CMS) for a given application
    • using the LAMP stack and Laravel (PHP) framework
    • Designing relational SQL databases is a crucial component of valid CMS.
    • We also design and provide RESTful APIs in collaboration with the front-end team.


    Preview and progress of the current project. Setup is Raspberry pi 3B+ using Raspbian GNU/LINUX 10 (buster) which is powering server, buzzers, lamps, switches, and reacting to pretty much anything. I'm never bored since it's always making some kind of noises and outputting information on the monitor. It's a pretty active environment since I'm always testing something, but this is a "base" setup.

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